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What my clients say about working with me

“Over the last thirty years, as one of Canada’s foremost acting coaches, Christiane Hirt has finely tuned her intuition and ability to read and understand human behaviour, emotion, and depth of meaning to a degree that is altogether rare among artists, healers and helpers alike.  She brings a great gift.“

Katherine Young M.Ed, RCC

“I am on a journey of self-introspection and self-discovery and thanks to Christiane’s guidance, I am courageous enough to delve deeper than ever before. She articulates how I feel in a natural, effortless manner thanks to her incredible gift of intuition. I am calmed by her compassionate, caring nature and trust her wholly to guide me to discover my self-truth.“

Trisha Rymhs

“Christiane is a powerhouse! I've been working with her for over a year and the shifts that I've been experiencing have been incredible. After a painful betrayal and divorce I was left feeling depressed, powerless and lost. Christiane helped me uncover negative beliefs and patterns that were creating my painful reality. Her gifts as an intuitive along with her deep compassion, allowed me to change the narrative of the story I was stuck in to a new one full of promise and hope. I still have challenges, but now I have a new tool set to help with anything that comes my way. I now see the contrast and lean into it to see the learning for my own expansion. Her light shines so bright that it empowers me to see my own light. I will be forever grateful to have her in my life.“

Kimberly Stacey

“Christiane has been instrumental in my growth over the past few months. She has guided me during my spiritual evolution and has held space for me several times in and out of sessions. Through her wisdom and love she has helped me to expand my spiritual bandwidth and I have let go of a significant amount of pain. Through our sessions  I have been able to express myself freely, meditate in a space that is loving and practice accountability. I am so very thankful for the time that I have spent with her and highly recommend her for anyone who is in need of intuitive guidance.“

Erica Gyamfi

“I started working with Christiane during a period of distress and confusion, and the benefits of this work are immeasurable. With wisdom, empathy, intuition and kindness, Christiane taught me how to ground myself. She taught me to shift my perspective, and assisted me in an imperative healing process that was long overdue. Christiane guides you through ironing out the wrinkles and friction that keep you in chaos, and by providing a clarity that is both liberating and joyful. When the work is complete, the work doesn't leave you. Christiane's work gifted me with the ability to reconcile my thoughts and emotions, and to find a voice for them. Because of this, I have found peace.“

April Cameron

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